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bridesmaid gifts

Need bridesmaid gift ideas? What if one of your bridesmaids is a brideboy? What if you need something a little more unique and offbeat? We can help!

Customized wedding clutches from Red Ruby Rose

You may already be familiar with longtime OBB sponsor Red Ruby Rose — unique handmade clutches, but you may not know is that Red Ruby Rose has a whole new product line!

Shirt bleaching tutorial: make things infinitely better by ruining them!

Bleaching fabric is the EASIEST way to customize a shirt for your wedding (or party, or for fun…) This video tutorial got us started.

Jewelry in styles (and prices) that will please them ALL from Turtle Love Co.

If you’re looking for all types of wedding jewelry, from engagement rings to wedding bands to gifts from your bridal party then click through to see all the pretty, artsy, jewelry porn from Turtle Love Co.

Fabulous signature peacock clutches from Red Ruby Rose

Whether you are buying one of Red Ruby Rose‘s handmade clutches for yourself, as a gift, or for your bridesmaids to hold instead of flowers, you’re going to find one to match your personal style. I mean… peacock feather prints, floral prints, birds, printed leather, gorgeous wedding-ready silks, tiny graphic clutches — there are so […]

13 jewelry-free unique bridesmaid gift ideas

Recently a friend of mine sent out a tweet asking for gift ideas for her bridesmaids in which she added “…and don’t say jewelry.” Which got me to thinking, what are some unique bridesmaid gifts that aren’t jewelry!? Even a check of the ‘ol Offbeat Bride archives brought up mostly jewelry suggestions, so let’s fix this. Although many of these ideas are intended for the more feminine-leaning bridesmaids, groomsgirls, and nonbinary bridesmates, you might find ideas for folks of any identity here!