Someday our Disney princess bridesmaids will come…

I spied this collection of super adorable, super affordable, and amazingly Disney-inspired outfits over at one of my fave shopping haunts, Unique Vintage. It's appropriately named The Happiest Collection on Earth. In addition to being amazing bride fashion fodder, it just screamed Disney princess bridesmaids!


Mama maids: Ridiculously affordable maternity bridesmaid dresses to rock your baby bump

Here are some non-frumpy maternity bridesmaid dresses to peruse. I chose as many dresses that I could find to accommodate your growing tummy, with regular, plus, and custom sizing options in totally affordable price ranges. These maternity bridesmaid dresses should help you stay comfortable while standing, sitting, and dancing. Let's take a peek at what we found and also a few tips for tailoring said dress if these aren't an option.


We're scheming ideas from this Star Wars: The Force Awakens wedding fashion line (up to size 5X!)

Hot Topic has been partnering with lady fandom heroines Her Universe to give us pretty rad Doctor Who and Marvel dress and fashion lines, but their Star Wars: The Force Awakens line is kicking up all kinds of ideas for Star Wars weddings. With sizes from XS to 5X, I'm picturing a whole slew of BB-8, Stormtrooper, and Kylo Ren-inspired bridesmaids. All of the styles are kind of cosplay-lite that could easily blend into both daily life AND geeky wedding fashion. Let's take a peek at the collection of The Force Awakens wedding fashion.


25 of our favorite mismatched bridesmaids

One thing we know: matching wedding party fashion is SO not required anymore. I'd say about half of the weddings we receive as submissions stray from the matchy-matchy tradition in favor of mismatched wedding parties. They range from mildly varied fashion to wildly different looks, and we love them all. Let's travel down memory lane to revisit some of our very favorite mismatched wedding parties


Floral dresses for the bridesmaids… OR THE BRIDE!

Wedding flowers don't only go in vases. Splash 'em all over your wedding party! Yes, my friends, it is time that we discussed the awesomeness that is the floral bridesmaid dress. I've got 20 examples here of flowery dresses for your bridesmaids! Or, you know, for yourself. We're not huge into rules when it comes to dresses.