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bride in pants

Ready to get married, but not ready for the foofy princess dress? Check out these hottie brides in pants and pantsuits, including lots of plus size options. Sure, this archive features some lesbian and genderqueer weddings, but we’ve featured dozens of straight brides rocking their bridal pants as well… and we’ve also got a separate archive for lesbian weddings where both brides wear dresses. This is all to say, don’t make assumptions about who wears the pants…

Liz & Laurie encourage wedding guests to “Outshine the Bride”

“The ‘Outshine the Bride’ runway show was easily the high point of the reception! We provided gag gifts (a clip-on veil and a bow tie) for the winners of the runway walk-off.”

Double dose of tattooed brides

Really, you must check out the entire set of photos from Sam and Julia’s wedding. Thanks to Closed Circle Photography for the shot!

Brides in pants

While of course I couldn’t cover every single breed of offbeat in the book (snowboard brides got short shrift, and transgender Buddhists were completely ignored), writing about brides in pants is actually something I really wish I’d included. In my poking around online I found a fair amount of inspiration for brides who wish to go the pants route, and even some awesome indie vendors…

Inspiring queer wedding in Atlanta

Holy hell. My brain almost exploded from the gorgeousness and sheer amazatude of Aly and Elroi’s stunning wedding in Atlanta. The wedding photography was done by Our Labor of Love and must have cost a fortune because it’s stunning. Aly had a handmade blue dress, and the bad-ass wedding party, Elroi’s smile, and the officiant, and […]