Amanda & Eric's breakfast-for-dinner fun and games wedding

Breakfast-for-dinner is a concept we can totally get behind. Especially when it's backed up by DC comics Converse, Mad Libs, handmade pinwheels, an awesome poem written by the bride's brother, …oh, and donuts instead of cake! Just watch out for the little heartbreaker in the suspenders on the dance floor. He's irresistible.


Sariah & Josh's rainbow glow stick island wedding

How often does a real rainbow show up at your rainbow-themed wedding? That alone is a must-see. But there's also a nom-worthy breakfast-for-dinner buffet, tons of glow sticks, and loads of cute wedding party photos to keep you looking. (Take a peek at the slideshow for TONS of funny photos!) And you'll never guess what kind of unexpected wedding crasher made his way to the ceremony!


Dawn & Chris' belly dancing colorful beach wedding

An ocean cake, sea salt favors, and a lifesaver ring guest book make for an amazing beach-y wedding. But add in breakfast-for-dinner, some track-suited studs, and a stunning multi-colored dress and you're in for one fantastic wedding. But really, I'm here for the ring monkey and belly dancing. Don't deny you are too!