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How to have a more gender-neutral wedding: grides, brooms, and bachelorx parties

When my partner and I were planning our wedding last year, we decided right away we wanted to skip the wedding traditions that didn’t feel like us. We love the beauty of passing on traditions from generation to generation but one of the traditions we didn’t love was the constant gender expectations. We wanted a more gender-neutral wedding approach.

LED wedding accessories

Get your glow on like Tron with LED wedding accessories

We shared an awesomely weird Austin wedding yesterday that featured an LED dress among other glowing accessories. If you too are jonesing to relive your raver days with some glow-in-the-dark wedding accessories, this is the roundup for you. Here are some dazzling LED wedding accessories that bring some light to your outfit.

Fuck the bud: The secret to how to pin a boutonniere perfectly every time

Unless you went a butt-ton of proms, or been a groomsman in every wedding, you probably have no idea how to properly pin a flower on to yourself or someone else. I would watch from behind my camera and everyone stumbled around, trying to find that ONE person who knew what to do.

But now you will, because I discovered the secret trick to pinning the perfect floral boutonniere every dang time…

A 3D printed organic-meets-metal boutonniere

Whether you’re the groom, the bride, part of the wedding party, or just a guest with style, you’re going to LOVE these organic-meets-metal boutonnieres by Etsy seller Collected Edition. The stainless steel metal boutonniere is 3D printed, then coated in polished gray steel, 24kt gold plated steel, and nickel plated steel. Dude, a 3D-printed metal boutonniere?! Sign us up.

Not idly do these Leaves of Lórien wedding details fall

Lord of the Rings wedding: Not idly do these Leaves of Lórien wedding details fall

“Not idly do the Leaves of Lórien fall.” Any Tolkien fans out there planning a nerdy wedding? This tiny detail in Grace and Riakeem’s bookish wedding is the perfect Lord of the Rings reference to make our nerdy hearts swoon.

DIY boutonniere miracle: magnetic boutonniere backs

Ash and Adam rocked some pretty killer DIY boutonnieres, but the real story is that Ash rigged them together with magnetic backs!

These things are brilliant…