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Wedding bouquets of all types are found here: flowers, brooch bouquets, felt flowers, paper flowers. Find your style in this wedding bouquet archive.

Bouquet made from vintage brooches and baubles

How’s this for the ultimate bouquet alternative for a vintage-loving bride? This bouquet, made by Studio del Fiore in Portland, OR, is crafted from roughly 75 vintage brooches, earrings, and rings. As notes, this is “a sweet way to incorporate meaningful family gems and jewels into your wedding day.” Lots more information over here, […]

Unique wedding bouquet

I’m not even sure what to call this style of bouquet, as I’ve simply never seen anything like it. It’s sort of an extreme cascade, or maybe a double crescent? Any florists in the house want to help me describe the style? Regardless of what it’s called, it’s damn dramatic and unlike any I’ve seen […]

Non-matching bridesmaids in green

I love that non-matching bridesmaids are becoming more popular in weddings these days … and this shot perfectly encapsulates it. Everyone’s in green, everyone’s lovely, and everyone’s different. Photo by Toronto photographer Derek Wuenschirs. To see more of Derek‘s photos from this wedding in Toronto (including a crazy-amazing bouquet), keep reading…

Corinne’s light-up, ornament, crochet bouquet

Offbeat Bride Tribe member Corinne inundated the tribe with some of the fabulous DIY projects that she and her fiance have been making for their wedding. We were really delighted by her twist on on Naomi’s ornament/lights bouquet. Corinne made it her own by adding some awesome crocheted flowers to the mix!     Thanks […]

Flower wedding crowns as seen on @offbeatbride #flowercrowns

Insider tips from a florist: 13 ways to avoid getting screwed on your wedding flowers

I am a florist who strictly does wedding work, cake toppers, centerpieces, floral dog collars, and the usual, all for brides on limited budgets. I was visiting a friend of mine at her work (a big money sucking floral shop) and I over heard some things that I could not believe.

Kale bouquet, skull vest, and red boots at this Chicago wedding

There are so many inspiring details packed into Olivia Leigh Photographie‘s photos of Sam & Ben’s November 2008 Chicago wedding … I’m not really sure where to start. But, let’s first look at the bride’s bouquet made from peacock feathers and kale. Then there’s the groom’s skull-emblazoned vest … impeccable: …and of course the bride’s […]