Sweet-ass candy wedding accessories at a special discount from Edible Weddings & More!

Holy delicious wedding accessories, Batman! A be-skulled, hot pink and black, lollipop bouquet? That's bad-ass. Our sponsor Edible Weddings & More — the maker of said bad-ass bouquet — has me seriously drooling over their sweet wares. If you've been thinking about using candy instead of — or along with — your wedding flowers, you NEED to see these options from Edible Weddings.


Coordinate your bridesmaids with matching purses

Krista wanted to give her bridesmaids a coordinating item that wasn't a dress, so she opted for matching purses and brooches. The best part is that your posse will be able to store the necessities (tissues, lippy, flask, etc.) while they accompany you down the aisle.