Sarah & Patrick's laid-back space jump wedding

Get married under the moon? You bet your ass these two did! That, along with a huge bounce house, handmade (and painted!) astronaut cut-out, and a planetarium show, made this wedding out of this world… and other puns! But seriously, get a load of the giant "LOVE" balloons at the ceremony, the bride's starry headpiece, and the bit of sage wisdom about photo-taking from their venue!


Natalie & Iliana's laid-back bounce house wedding

With s'mores, hula hoops, a bounce house (carefully hidden from kiddie's eyes until after the ceremony), and a photo booth, there was something for all the kids and the young and heart to enjoy. They also had access to authentic homemade Latin food (made by one of the brides' families!) and an amazing venue, all somehow on a low budget!


So you feel like you gave in: 3 ways to bounce back from wedding planning disappointments

You can rest assured that it's going to happen at some point during your wedding planning process: that perfect venue for your vintage submarine-themed wedding is going to fall through. You battle with your in-laws to try to keep the guestlist under 100 people, and you find yourself putting stamps on 200 invitations. Your dreams of locally-sourced, delicately spiced catering is going to be replaced by your mother's "beef or chicken" menu that reminds you of funeral food (true story!).