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Discounts and to-die-for wedding photos from Maine photographer Justine Johnson

Whether it’s your wedding, commitment ceremony, civil union, vow renewal, an engagement session, a Rock the Dress session, your ZOMG phenomenal sparkly wedding shoes — Justine Johnson will shoot it, and you will LOVE it.

Beca & Martin’s classy-as-fuck tea party wedding

You’ve already seen their incredible first kiss. Get ready too be wowed by their bad-ass tea party and then warm up your voice for some drunken motown at their after-party.

Annie & Dan’s vegan geek chic wedding

This week at Offbeat Bride is meat- and dairy-free — it’s Vegan Week! Day 1 of Vegan Week bring us Annie & Dan’s vintage 50s, cruelty-free wedding complete with vegan Italian food. Yum!

Violetta & Jason’s funky chicken dance-off wedding

Violetta & Jason had a quick ceremony at city hall (with their dog as Best Man!) and then an impromptu fall foliage photo shoot. Later they had a small dinner with friends to celebrate and then a funky chicken dance off at their local bar.

Fire spinning wedding ideas

A while ago we featured pictures of a bride spinning fire on her wedding day in her mother effing wedding dress and it was awesome! But you know what else was awesome? The rest of Amanda and Alasdair’s wedding…

Brit didn’t let getting sick ruin her wedding!

The offbeat bride: Brit, Admin Her offbeat partner: Cecilia, Accountant Location & date of wedding: Historic building outside Boston, MA, October 13, 2007 What made our wedding offbeat: We made the decision early on that we would keep whatever traditional wedding elements we liked, and ditch those we didn’t! This meant the white dress was […]