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A cerulean hillside paradise wedding in Slovenia

Now that is some scenery. Ivana and Drejc’s Slovenian wedding in the countryside makes me want to run singing about the hills being alive with music. The scenery seriously has me gob-smacked. And Ivana’s ocean blue ballerina-style dress adds just the right amount of fluffy whimsy. Candles lit up Ivana’s and Drejc’s childhood photos and a huge bonfire lit the dance party afterwards. We are so psyched to have our first Slovenian wedding on the site.

Stacey & Ben’s family farm home-grown wedding

This groom’s mad DIY skills are going to make your jaw drop. He built the gazebo they got married under — no big deal. The couple’s whole family got in on the DIY action, from growing the flowers to gathering the tablecloths, and wait till you see the bonfire they built, lit by the full harvest moon!

Helen & Steve’s laid-back Hobbity pinwheel wedding

This wedding has piles of rainbows, pinwheels, board games, and s’mores fixings. Also, the most adorable ring-bears — complete with fuzzy bow ties! And wait till you see how the groom’s vows surprised the Offbeat Bride (hint: backup vocalists helped)!

Sarah & Aaron’s rustic forest camp-out wedding

It started with the vintage postcard invitations and ended with a nighttime game of “Monster.” That’s a pretty awesome way to have an outdoor camp-out wedding. Add in a potluck feast, a dance party to rival any and all barn dances, and sage advice on buying kegs, and you’re bound to enjoy this taste-of-rustic forest wedding.

Theresa & Anderson’s LuvFest 2010 camping music festival wedding

LuvFest 2010 was an amazing homespun music fest featuring live music, lawn games, bonfires, fire dancers, multi-day camping, and a little rain to cool everyone off. That isn’t enough? Oh, there was a wedding too. Love was all around at this festival of killer jams and awesome vows.

Dori & Ben’s Jewish, vegan, eco-friendly wedding and bonfire

In honor of the beginning of Hanukkah or The Festival of Lights, here is Dori and Ben’s Jewish wedding, which fittingly (I thought) ends with a bonfire! Happy Hanukkah!