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This is Offbeat Bride’s archive of boat weddings. If you’re into nautical wedding invitations, ideas, favors, and more, you may also be interested in our nautical weddings archive.

We’re dying over this eclectic, art nouveau, old-timey nautical wedding

Combine Victorian duck bust cake toppers with washboard percussion and an ship with “old-timey” charm and what do you have? Heather and Chris’s wedding, of course!

Heather and Chris’s wedding teaser

It feels like forever ago when I excited showed you the hand-constructed Victorian duck busts that Tribe member Hev (aka. Heather) made to use as cake toppers. Well lookie! Heather done got married!…

Sofia & Zet’s colorful, vintage-themed wedding and relaxed island party

A few weeks ago, I gave you a preview of Sofia & Zet’s uber colorful boat wedding in Sweden. If you were drooling, like myself, and couldn’t wait for more, then you’re in luck. Here is the scoop on Sofia & Zet’s vintage-themed boat wedding! -Coco

Monday Montage: Cupcakes, carousels, carnivals and pinky swears!

Thanks to all of your glorious photo submissions to the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool, we now have another magnificent Monday Montage on our hands. In case you’re new around here, the Monday Montage is a collection of my favorite photos from the pool. You can always click on a photo if you want to see more!

Carolyn & Pete’s burlesque wedding and zombie boat ride

Carolyn & Pete wanted their wedding to be intimate, personal and non traditional so they choose to get married out on the water. They chose to have their wedding on a night with a full moon so they could have gorgeous views of the bay. And let me tell ya, gorgeous views were seen!

Mollie & Scott’s “Piradical” High Seas Wedding Adventure

Hey, remember the pirate wedding porn that I promised would knock yer boots off, and then it totally did? Well Mollie (the pirate bride) was kind enough to drop the details for us!