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This is Offbeat Bride’s archive of boat weddings. If you’re into nautical wedding invitations, ideas, favors, and more, you may also be interested in our nautical weddings archive.

Andrea & Jim’s nautical literary adventure wedding

These two continued their love affair with sailing together by getting married on their sailboat, then taking their honeymoon on board around the world. Their small wedding all fit on board for the ceremony before walking down the pier to the reception, but you’ll swoon when you see where their unofficial first dance took place.

Flora & Kristy’s full moon fairytale wedding by the sea

Nods to Paganism, Celtic readings, and flower fairies make this waterfront wedding truly magical. And at the reception, there was even a father/daughter/father/daughter dance! And prepare your eyes from the awesomely scandalous garter photo!

Cayleigh & Dave’s theatrical Pirate boat wedding

Ahoy thar mateys! Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day, so we’ve got a pirate-y weddin’ t’ get you in t’ spirit! Cue a boat, lots of movie and video game references, some eye patches, and a lot of guests messing around pirate-style, and you’ve got the fun factor of this wedding.

Adri & Bobby’s damask riverboat wedding

A little bit vintage, a little bit classy, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, and a little bit Jerry Springer. Can I get a hallellujah up in here!? Add in some DIY, a sun dance miracle, and a 96-year-old grandpa who kicks ass and takes names.

Lori and Desi’s seaside paradise wedding

A teary sunset ceremony on a boat, a romantic rooftop reception, and a lot of DIY touches brought out the fun for this Florida couple. Who says your wedding can’t be enchanting AND entertaining?

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