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This is Offbeat Bride’s archive of boat weddings. If you’re into nautical wedding invitations, ideas, favors, and more, you may also be interested in our nautical weddings archive.

A swing dance wedding on an island (with a Bitcoin unity ceremony!)

A purple mane, a swing dance theme, and lots of little elements of this pair like Futurama, Scrabble, Burning Man, and bunnies. Get ready for moonlit boat rides, a bonfire, and of course, a swing dance-themed first dance complete with hula hoops. But the most intriguing part was their Bitcoin Blockchain unity ceremony. Now that’s a first for us!

A sunset catamaran ceremony, a travel theme, and two dudes in love

Michael and Marco were planning their wedding celebration in Texas before the memorable “Love Wins” announcement. The excitement really ramped up after the ruling passed. They love to travel and were brought together by their love of ’80s music and movies, so that was included in their theme. The pair sailed off at sunset on a cruise with champagne for the catamaran ceremony.

An ode to wedding booze canoes

You know why I love Offbeat Bride readers? Because it’s completely NOT uncommon for y’all to fill up an entire boat with fucking alcohol. Like, that’s just a thing you people do now. Even one of our own staffers did this at her wedding! Gawd luv ya.

Steve & Kimberly’s “sports bloggers in love” boat wedding

Rare is the time we get a sports-themed submission written by a Tribesdude! It was extra special since it merited a few legit happy tears during the “last dance” section. Come enjoy the boat venue, sweet H.P. Lovecraft-infused ceremony, whiskey ceremony, and impromptu karaoke session. Oh, and wait until you see what the bouquets were made of!

Hannah & Chuck’s self-uniting historic boat wedding

We’re on a boat for this one, folks, and the trip is well worth it. We’ve got two fabulous gowns, a groom styled after a dapper character from Rock Band, groomsmen dancing to the Power Rangers theme, and the sweetest ceremony reading story EVER. Oh, and just try not to be jealous of the unplanned fireworks show during the reception!

A splashtastic casual canoe wedding

Why get married near water when you can get married ON water? Karen and Joe met at an outrigger canoe race, and planned to celebrate their nuptials in the most appropriate way: ON CANOES! They first rowed out in separate canoes and lined up for the vows. Then it was a big dunk and a smooch to seal the deal! Snow cones, candy centerpieces, and waterfront shenanigans were had for the rest of the day.