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This is Offbeat Bride’s archive of boat weddings. If you’re into nautical wedding invitations, ideas, favors, and more, you may also be interested in our nautical weddings archive.

A boat wedding on Lake Washington in Seattle

Keith and Andrew got married during a cruise on Lake Washington, near Seattle. They had cake, dancing — and great photos by Tom Ellis Photography.

This pair got married in the same room at the groom's parents... 37 years later!

This pair got married in the same room as the groom’s parents… 37 years later!

We got married in the same room in the same building (Moat Room, Harrow Registry Office) as my parents, with the same registered home address. The only difference: the two weddings were 37 years apart! The wedding reception was held on the largest boat on the River Thames, the Dixie Queen, that included the opening of Tower Bridge. We also had a nine-tier cake!

A heavy metal boat cruise wedding

A metalhead boat cruise wedding with headbanging and battle-axes

My wife and I originally met through our university's Metal Club, so it was only natural that we have a metal-themed wedding to celebrate the style of music that brought us together. The venue was the bottom floor of a yacht that does lunch/dinner cruises, which we chose to both reflect our desire to have both a classy affair and a mark our viking voyage in life as wife and wife.

There's a beautiful reason why this San Francisco wedding was held on the USS Potomac

There’s a beautiful reason why this San Francisco Bay wedding was held on the USS Potomac

Nicole and Santiago chartered the USS Potomac (Roosevelt’s former White House boat) for their lovely San Francisco Bay wedding. A live brass band kept everyone dancing, even while rain poured down. Thankfully rain = rainbows! When you hear the reason for the boat wedding, your eyes may start leaking.

Ready to see this awesomely sea-worthy wedding?

Unusual nautical wedding invitations featuring all manner of scientific sea creatures

Ruth Bleakley, the designer behind the unusual nautical wedding invitations of our sponsor Concertina Press has one top frequently asked question (besides, “OMG, can you design our wedding invitation, please?”). And the answer is fascinating…

Bollywood meets tropical wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

A Tropical meets Bollywood gay wedding on a yacht that will make your day

This tropical meets Bollywood wedding had two hot guys in love, Swarovski-bedazzled traditional groomswear, two puppy ring bearers, all on a huge and fabulous yacht. This destination wedding to South Florida had some of the sweetest moments we’ve seen with a lovely mother/son dance and some perfect song choices. Don’t miss the custom cake topper that had Swarovski crystals and their two cute pooches.