Zones, props, and tattoos: 13 ways to make a reception more fun

If you're stressing about ways to make your reception as fun as it can be, we hear you. Any wedding planner can tell you that party planning is an art all about timing, finesse, and lots of food. Here are 15 of our favorite ways to make a reception more fun including games, zones, selfies, lots of creative eating and drinking opportunities, and whetting the appetite for late night surprises.


A Pagan Pokemon party with Annette & Matt

Pokemon trainers unite for this wedding! Gotta catch all the awesome details: the Pokeball ring holder, the Pokemon games, the board games, the dance video games, and the most adorable geeky couple you'll see today. Just wait until you see how the Pagan ceremony officiant asked if there were any objections…


Toni & Nam's offbeat lite garden wedding with monsters and games

We know that our brides run the gamut on how much they want to be involved in the wedding planning. This bride took it one step further and let her mom plan 99% of it! And their personalities totally shined through in their gamer geek music choices, colorful monster details (including Frankenstein shoes!), and choices in board games for the reception.


Melissa & Scott's atypical Southern Rock 'Em Sock 'Em celebration

This Southern bride, her Southern family, and her Southern groom can tell you that we're not all the cowboy boot-wearing girls depicted on TV and not all of our weddings look like a scene from Steel Magnolias. And in this wedding, it looks like FUN! Board games (including Mystery Date!), a Low Country Boil, a grown-up flower girl, and a pretty sweet processional make this a whole other ball game.