Narrow wedding shoes

You know I like to do special needs shoe posts now and then… larger shoes, smaller shoes, wide shoes, shoes for folks with disabilities, wide calf boots, etc. But one special kind of foot-need I've never done is NARROW shoes. This is not a special foot-need I have any personal experience with, so apologies in advance if I screw this one up. I'm doing my best here… finding fabulous and funky-ass footwear available down to width 4A.


Chinese Laundry wedding shoes

The last time I featured Chinese Laundry on Offbeat Bride, commenters said things like, "I love CL shoes. I've had a pair for over 10 years and they're still SO COMFORTABLE" and "I have a pair of Chinese Laundry boots that I got in high school. They are 17 years old… and I still wear them." Even if you're not quite as sold on the brand, you're going to love the bonus shoe. It might be the naughtiest all-white wedding shoe I've ever seen.


Winter wedding shoes: boots and other warmies

On last week's shoe post, Meganwins asked for a post about winter wedding footwear. I linked to my most recent post about wedding boots, but that was six months ago. Maybe it's time for a new booted walk down the aisle… and maybe instead of just thinking BOOTS, I'mma go for footwear that's just generally better for winter weddings. A little warmer, a little more water resistant, a little less strappy. Winter brides, hold my gloved hand, and let's do this…


Robin's egg blue pumps for your wedding

Inspired by the bride's shoes at this wedding we featured on Wednesday, I'm going to devote today's shoe post to pumps in that particular shade of robin's egg blue that says "Oh, I'm a little bit vintage minded, but quite modern thank you very much." (And yes ok fine: I'm going to play a little loose with what qualifies as "robin's egg.")


Plants vs. Zombies, wedding flags, and tons of TARDIS blue: a sunny North Carolina wedding

Erika and Emmanuel chose a Raleigh, North Carolina Moroccan restaurant called Babylon for their ceremony and reception spot. The venue's brightly colored interior and exterior definitely complemented the fun vibe of the day! Wedding decor included wedding flags decorated with hearts and flags that read "Yay" and "Huzzah," and Erika and Emmanuel carried their own "Mr. and Mrs. Emmerika" flags.