The world's most perfect blue wedding shoes?

I'm not sure, but I think these might be the perfect blue wedding shoes… flats so you can walk? Check. Soft suede that feels amazing? Check. Blue for those of you going for the "something old, something new, etc etc" angle? Check. Ballet-influenced look? Check. But if these are not your style… we got other options for you!


Retro wedding goodies: ModCloth is lining up a ton of affordable wedding fashion

We're always digging on ModCloth for their super curated retro stylings, but the ModCloth wedding collection is kind of off the hook. There are lots of dress options from super fancy to cute and casual, and accessories and shoes to salivate over. Plus, most styles run up to 4X, so they're pretty size-inclusive. Let's take a look at some of our personal faves from their wedding collection.


Singing the praises of Fluevog wedding shoes

Yes, we do love John Fluevog shoes— we've featured so many pairs of Fluevogs on the site that we have an entire archive dedicated to them. I've been obsessed with Fluevogs since the '90s because, unlike most heels, I can actually walk in them. You might be obsessed with them for different reasons… because they're wonderfully weird? Clunky and amazing? Actually made for being resoled and worn for years? Yes, all these things and more. Also, pro-tip: while Fluevogs are on the higher-priced side of things, you can find some amazing deals on eBay.


Wedding shoes: Low heels that are still high on life

If you want to stand tall on your wedding day, but also be able to dance and walk out of your reception without aching balls, wedding shoes with low heels might be your solution. In the spirit of non-numb toes and non-aching balls, this week I'm going to focus on low-heeled shoes. A few flats, but mostly low heels with nothing over 2.5" high. Enough to get a little lift, but not so much that you can't feel your toes. Mission: Wedding Shoes Low Heels… Let's do this!


The sky's the limit with these blue wedding shoes

If you're going for the "something old, something new" tradition, blue shoes are a pretty easy way to get a pop of color even if the rest of your wedding feels more understated, colorwise. (For me as a color-fiend, of course I'm like UNDERSTATED COLORS WHAT IS THIS I DON'T COMPREHEND.) Blue wedding shoes can be a great way of getting a little color-fiend on your feet, while maintaining your aesthetic visions elsewhere.


Bigger on the inside: TARDIS blue wedding shoes

This shoe post comes as a special request from Spaceginger, who specifically asked for a post all about TARDIS blue shoes. Now, I've got a whole archive dedicated to blue wedding shoes, and we've got another whole archive for Doctor Who weddings… but never have the two met. UNTIL TODAY! Here's a collection of shoes in that very specific TARDIS-y cobalt blue, for those of you who want your something blue to be a little bit Whovian. I've got flats and heels both!