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We love our brides (and grooms!) with blue hair. If you’re looking for more wedding hair inspiration (including other bold colors like pink, purple, and rainbow!), check out our wedding hair archive.

A goth meets nerd meets glam wedding with on-site ring tattoos

A goth meets nerd meets glam wedding with on-site ring tattoos

We had an overall gothic Halloween wedding, with comic and hockey-themed aspects. Our short ceremony had music by the Smiths, The Cure, and Type O Negative, as well as an officiant dressed as a friar. The ceremony highlighted with nerdy themes including, but not limited to, X-Men, Star Wars, Stardust, Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Lord of the Rings.

Blue hair and baseball caps? All perfect for this Victorian with a twist wedding

Our wedding was our own style for sure. I have always loved vintage and Victorian styles. But to give it a twist, I have blue hair! Mark also goes nowhere without his baseball cap. So I said wear it! He did and I felt it was perfect for us. Being on a very tight budget, we had lots of DIY from seating charts, favors, and table numbers. It was Victorian with a twist!

Roll for initiative at this gamer's dream geek chic wedding

Roll for initiative at this gamer’s dream geek chic wedding

The D&D geek theme started because I had the thought to myself, "you have encountered a wedding ceremony — roll for initiative." We both thought it was funny, and it sort of spiraled from there that all of our favorite nerdy things could be incorporated.

"A few of our favorite things": a nostalgic wedding down memory lane

“A few of our favorite things”: a nostalgic wedding down memory lane

The theme to our wedding was pretty simple: "these are a few of our favorite things." One of the things that made us fall for each other was our similar interests from childhood. We wanted our wedding to be full of nostalgiac whimsy and, most importantly, us. From the first day we were engaged we knew we wanted to get married at Childrens Fairyland in Oakland, a place near and dear to our hearts. You better believe I called the venue that first day while laying on the beach in Hawaii.

Stars meets nature: a subtly geeky lakeside wedding

Stars meets nature: a subtly geeky lakeside wedding with DIY for days

We combined our love for nature and the stars into a theme that came very easily for us. It helped that we found a venue that was the perfect setting to view the beauty of nature, as well as get a great view of the stars at night. To further our theme, I wanted to add a bit of a fantasy element so I decided to add subtle details that drew from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, both of which we're big fans.

Elegantly gorgeous Harry Potter wedding decor

Elegantly gorgeous Harry Potter wedding inspiration (with a cake to die for!)

This Harry Potter photo shoot came about because Tiffany and Brett wanted to get the wedding photos they never got when they were married. Tiffany is a huge Potterphile (as so many of you are!), so a Harry Potter theme was a no-brainer. You’ll most definitely want to see the stationery adorned with the Hogwarts crest and the Howarts-themed cake (a serious work of art!). But mostly it’s just drop-dead gorgeous and eye candy for days. Let’s get a full look at this beautiful Harry Potter wedding inspiration from which you can totally steal ideas!