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How to deal when your wedding goes viral and people hate it

Let’s put aside all our Very Important Opinions about how other people have weddings we don’t like. I want to address the other side of this issue: how to deal when YOUR wedding (yes, YOUR incredibly tasteful, personalized, awesome wedding that you worked on for months or even years) goes viral, and then gets shit on by dozens or hundreds or even thousands of strangers.

Walking on egg-shells: the challenges of serving many communities

Offbeat Bride caters to a LOT of different non-traditional niches, and that’s where the challenge comes in: everyone wants us to cater to their niche, and when we don’t, sometimes y’all get upset.

Questions: Offbeat Life, coffee table books, and how to become a successful blogger

Ariel answers reader questions about additional Offbeat websites, coffee table books, freelancing, and how to become a successful blogger.

Let’s talk about Offbeat BIPOC Brides and couples of color

Based on reader feedback that it was “hard to find any weddings of people of color,” we started tagging posts that featured couples of color to make them easier to find. Tagging is how we make all sorts of things on the site easier to find: Kansas weddings, brides in glasses, grooms with long hair. We’ve got hundreds of tags. We wanted to make it easier for readers who were frustrated by the experience of feeling like they only saw white couples across wedding planning websites.

Offbeat Bride on CNN

Double big news: Offbeat Bride was on the homepage of and we just launched our Offbeat Vendors Guide!

So, what about Wedinator?

So, there’s this website all about tearing down people’s weird weddings. And they feature a lot of photos lifted from Offbeat Bride. Here’s why I don’t really care.