Why read wedding blogs?

Why are you here right now? If the data I have is accurate, chances are pretty good that you're looking for wedding ideas (you KNOW we have a million for you to steal) or trying to get inspired. Neither of these are especially surprising, right? I see the same cycle happen every year, with a wave of freshly engaged folks flooding in looking for ideas and inspiration… and then at a certain point being like "Oh my god, I'm overwhelmed with ideas! I have too much inspiration! I need to stop looking at wedding inspo and start, like, actually getting some shit done."

But let's talk over all the other reasons you might be reading…


Overdone wedding trends that have jumped the shark

I read one article with a trend expert who explained, "Gone are the days of the white hydrangea," and I thought — wait, the white hydrangea had days? What the fuck?

On any given day, you can simultaneously find someone bemoaning and celebrating the exact same fucking trend! Boho weddings are sooooo hot this year! No wait: "We'll see the bohemian trend head out before you know it."


Tacky weddings: How to not like things, and not be a dick about it

Way back in 2011, I wrote about the shock some folks can experience when their wedding goes viral. The sad truth is that this a perennial topic, because, well, the internet loves to snark about weddings. Even if your wedding doesn't go the full Buzzfeed viral, there's always the chance that members of, say, a board focused on wedding etiquette might be mortified, and link to it, and the comments might get flooded with negativity.

This happened a few weeks ago…


Why we don't often feature styled shoots on Offbeat Bride

Are you familiar with this concept of styled shoots? It's when wedding vendors team up together to create a fantasy weddings, showing off what they can do. I totally get why styled shoots are great for vendors — it gives folks a chance to show off the kind of work they WANT to do — but we have a clear policy to never ever feature them on Offbeat Bride, and here's why…