Faith & Aaron's steampunk Muppet wedding with a touch of Stephen Colbert

This combination of themes may seem a little odd at first, but once you see it, you love it! We've got Stephen Colbert-inspired cue cards, spin drums, steamy Western/sci-fi garb (complete with ray guns), flame-powered centerpieces, and some sweet children's vows. You might also be inspired by their half public/half private vows, too. Oh, and wait until you see the faux "ink bleeder" pen made by the groom for the signing of the marriage certificate! Totally bad-ass.


Mary & Craig's Dr. Seuss-themed colorful rhyming wedding

They had brains in their head. They had feet in their shoes. They could steer themselves in any direction they choose. They weren't on their own, and they knew what they know. And they are the guys who'll decide where to go. A love monkey came by, a shoe had inspired, and guests were surprised by all that transpired. Cake balls were eaten, an orange suit was worn, and a love that lasts forever was born.


Cara & Robert's born-and-bred NYC wedding

Checker cabs, pizza, and Italian ices: it's NYC, baby! This pair comes from traditional New York Italian families, so offbeat was definitely a new concept. But they managed to combine a zombie cake, Mr. Met, and late-night nosh with getting ready at the bride's childhood home and familiar wedding traditions. Plus, you'll love the bride's vows to her new stepchildren.


A metal and retro fashion fest wedding

Meggen and Ian are a smokin' hot couple who do not disappoint with their killer fashion. Oh, and let's not forget that there are some super sexy bridesmaids dresses on Meggen's fellow Indie Six salon colleagues. Meggen's dress was custom-made by Denver designer Bradi MacSleyne, of New Culture. And wait until you hear what song they used for a processional…


Jonna & Kelsey's garden party wedding with stepmom vows

This pair had a strange introduction, but it ended up being something pretty magical in the end. And it all led to this day full of garden party awesomeness, sweet vows to a new step-daughter (with matching custom necklaces!), and a genius way for introverts to avoid a receiving line! Oh, and get ready to LOL at the groom's steamer incident (photo included).


5 offbeat marriages that may benefit from the assistance of a lawyer

Look, I know what you're thinking, because I'm a lawyer when I'm not being a bride and I hear it all the time. Seeing a lawyer isn't like a cake tasting or interviewing a band. It's not fun. But if your offbeat family fits one of these five categories, you'll want a consultation with an attorney licensed in your state ASAP, not after you start getting RSVPs.