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Bilingual wedding: How are you handling the multiple languages at your wedding?

My future husband’s family speaks multiple different languages, but none of them are English. How do I help my husband’s family not feel so left out when the whole ceremony is in English. Our wedsite is in English. And the vows are in English.

Joni & Jeremy’s medieval handfasting and archery wedding

Pink hair, custom medieval dress, and goblets of mead? I think we’ve got ourselves an awesome Dutch/English bilingual handfasting! Add in a rad archery session, lots of fantasy and medieval garb, and a fairy tale retelling of the couple’s love story, and you’ll never want to travel back to the present day.

Rockstar wedding photographer with a tri-lingual flair from SF’s Sasha Photography

I think we can all agree that most people in this world aren’t born knowing how to be models. And yet our San Francisco-based sponsor Sasha Photography works some magic on his clients to make them look like freaking rockstars on their wedding day. He believes that inside every wedding couple is a bad-ass rockstar, and that an honest, playful and daring approach to photography is the best way to bring that energy out.

Wanna see some of these amazing rockstar-like images, including the one I wish was of ME, and some hawt ass-grabbing action? Trust ME, you totally do…

Erin & Jay’s queer Jewish Dominican wedding

This pair has an awesomely diverse community willing to celebrate and totally donate their time and energy into making this wedding rock. And boy, did it. In addition to the bride’s handmade dress (out of a sari!) and groom’s kick-ass suit, there was wedding party aisle dancing, ukulele toasts, and a giant group hug right after the ceremony.

Danielle & Gonzalo’s bilingual dance party wedding

This wedding was held at one of our favorite venues in Seattle, Urban Light Studios, and had some amazing Mexican, Irish, and Lithuanian influences. You’ll also want to see the kick-ass dessert bar, crowd surfing groom, and a dress emergency!

Gesche & Johanna’s crafty vegan faery wedding with extra sparkle

You guys, our favorite cherry blossom brides are back! We had a look at their gorgeous first civil ceremony among the cherry blossoms and a preview of this second faery wedding. Get ready to fall in love with their handmade dresses, crafty decor, and totally adorable squee-happy faces.