Rachel & Andy's rustic quirky interactive historical farm wedding

Get out your eagle eyes, because there's a lot to see in this raptor-lovin' wedding. Not only were live birds of prey there for the ogling, but guests got a chance to live in this couple's shared brainspace for a day, with hula hoops, a drum circle, and a couple of celebrities. As if that wasn't enough, guests got their sax on in an ultimate sax-off, and that's after the whole party was Rick Rolled. They're never gonna give you up….


Danielle & Davey's participatory vegan bike parade wedding

When the whole party arrives in bike parade style, it's sure to be a kick-ass and casual celebration. With the Georgetown Ballroom as the backdrop to both the ceremony and the reception, two bands and a DJ, a zine creation station, and a drawing contest, there wasn't anyone without something awesome to do. And since these two are all about community, everything was crafted with love by friends and fam.


Monday Montage

Lots of brides don't submit their profiles until they have their professional photos, as as we all know — that can take months. So what to do when I see a photo I'm dying to feature, but don't have the full story on? ENTER THE MONDAY MONTAGE!