Jen & Jeff's intimate beer and bicycles mountain wedding

With a tasty strawberry shortcake beer ceremony, a wine unity box, and a grand mountain backdrop, the ceremony is enough to have us drooling. But add in the locally-themed after party at a bar with bocce courts and delish pies, and we're full-on sold. You'll really love how the bride chose her purple polka-dotted dress. Hint: it may have been on her phone!


Ally & James' crafty country bike-themed wedding

This pair wanted to stay true to themselves despite overwhelming pressure from friends and family. But they found the right balance between pressure and advice and totally made it work. We're now looking at a gorgeous outdoor wedding-in-the-round, bicycle-themed decor, and a two-day celebration that allowed for a reception free from anxiety.


Sharon & Mike's outdoor tandem bike wedding (with secret second ceremony)

This pair rode in on their tandem bike looking fab, taking names, and having the secular, non-legal wedding of their dreams. After a sweet ring warming (including a ring made from the bride's late paternal grandmother's ring), they accidentally walked away from the ceremony early. Wut? And yes, there was a second ceremony that was ADORABLE. Read on to see what happened.


Alicia & Brett's quirky gluten-free DIY wedding journey

This pair's wedding had nods to their journey toward each other and then together. Maps and globes, postcards from around the worlds, vintage suitcases and mini luggage made from Altoid tins, pedaling their getaway… the journey metaphor was everywhere. But that's not all. Two words: Wedding Cowbells.