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Grab your own bicycle and ride along with us while we see how other couples have included their bikes in their own weddings and processionals.

Join us for this 17-mile bike ride to an intimate mountaintop ceremony

Join us for this 17-mile bike adventure to an intimate mountaintop ceremony

Alison and Bradford originally formed a connection through cycling and wanted to include that part of their relationship in their wedding day. They cycled 17 miles(!) up a mountain to get married among a small group of family and friends. They rocked their cycling gear and everything!

LED wedding accessories

Get your glow on like Tron with LED wedding accessories

We shared an awesomely weird Austin wedding yesterday that featured an LED dress among other glowing accessories. If you too are jonesing to relive your raver days with some glow-in-the-dark wedding accessories, this is the roundup for you. Here are some dazzling LED wedding accessories that bring some light to your outfit.

A Scottish elopement on the Isle Of Skye

A bicycle elopement in Scotland on the Isle Of Skye

John and Melanie flew from Canada to marry with an Inner Hebrides backdrop on the Isle of Skye. It was the fantasy of any Scotland lover, myself included. Both John and Melanie love cycling and have spent much time in the Canadian Arctic riding their bikes. This mutual love was incorporated into the theme in Melanie’s bicycle-shaped earrings, her bicycle tattoo, and the bikes they used to cycle into the ceremony! During their handfasting, they were linked together by a bicycle inner tube.

Are you ready to experience this visual spectacle of a bicycle elopement in Scotland? Let’s do it…

Be wowed by this eccentric Denver bicycle wedding with costumes, singing, and a "first lap"

Be wowed by this eccentric Denver bicycle wedding with costumes, singing, and a “first lap”

Every detail of Alisha and Ben’s eccentric Denver bicycle wedding was handmade by a family member or friend (even the dress!). The day started out with a costumed bicycle ride around the city and Ben was adorned in a wedding gown and a sash.

After the bike ride, the couple changed into their wedding attire while guests sipped on homemade beer, played lawn games, and socialized.

Get back to nature with Tatjana & Ken’s dog-friendly and rainy forest wedding

A mood, dreamy, rainy forest ceremony (complete with ring bearing dog and super shy flower girl), a lovely cabin reception with tons of dancing — this is our kind of nature-loving wedding. Don’t miss the bride’s Legend of Zelda flats, the different twist on a salt ceremony, and an epic bike ride getaway after the ceremony.

Janet & Phil’s intimate tandem bike-themed wedding

Get ready for tandem bicycles, colored crinoline (with matching veil!), and the prettiest little backyard wedding we’ve seen in a while. It may be small, but it packs a punch in emotion. Don’t miss their custom Cards Against Humanity deck, handmade flower bouquet, and major board game setup. These two are introverts, but it didn’t stop them from sharing a lot of amazing non-spotlight time with those they love most. Learn from then, fellow introverts!