Slushies, food trucks, and brunch: 10 delicious ways to make your wedding food fun

We recently listed out 13 ways to make your reception more fun, but the REAL way to your guests's hearts is through their stomachs, right? Here are 10 of our favorite ways to make reception food and drink more awesome and entertaining including food trucks, slushies, candy buffets, finger foods, signature mocktails, and brunch for dinner. Let's get our foodies hats on to bring the catering game up to eleven.


An ode to wedding booze canoes

You know why I love Offbeat Bride readers? Because it's completely NOT uncommon for y'all to fill up an entire boat with fucking alcohol. Like, that's just a thing you people do now. Even one of our own staffers did this at her wedding! Gawd luv ya.


How André the Giant helped guests drive home safely

We're going to feature Emily and Branan's Star Wars, wrestling, and badminton wedding later this week, but I couldn't wait to share this impressive way to dissuade over-drinking and encourage safe driving at the reception. They used a little tidbit about the booze tolerance of the late and most amazing André the Giant, which if you've read this book like I have recently, you'd know all about! Let's see how they did it.


Cocktails, themes, and discounts: It's all about custom bartending options from the West Coast's Mint & Mirth

If you've been digging the influx of wedding bar and alcohol tips on Offbeat Bride lately, then you have our sponsor Mint & Mirth to thank. Joni and Jennelle are a Portland-based couple who started their own custom cocktailing business in 2012, and now they offer licensed and insured cocktail bartending all over the West Coast. Along with being LGBTQ community-friendly, they're also suuuuuuper Offbeat Bride-friendly…