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Monday Montage: part two

Ariel and I just freaked the eff out over the latest photos in the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool. (It might be because we are both a little high on caffeine). Regardless, I literally couldn’t wait until next week to share these HAWT photos! So, this morning we’re gettin’ a little crazy on Offbeat Bride and doing the first ever Monday Montage: part two.

Celeste & Jason’s geeky, vegan, sci-fi extravaganza

The offbeat bride: Celeste, Fandomania Assistant Editor and Podcast Co-Host (and OBT member) Her offbeat partner: Jason, Online Comics/Collectibles Store Owner and Fandomania Managing Editor and Podcast Co-Host Location & date of wedding: Orlando Science Center, Orlando, FL — 11.14.09 What made our wedding offbeat: We are both extremely geeky (we met at a convention […]

Rykie & Chris’ Sweet Georgia Purple Shindig of Awesome

The Offbeat Bride: Rykie (say it like “Rikki”) – 20-something actor-type Her Offbeat Partner: Chris – 20-something manager of a Blockbuster Location & date of wedding: Central Presbyterian Church, Atlanta GA; College Park Woman’s Club, Atlanta, GA — February 20, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: We tried not to get too wrapped up in […]

Unexpected groomsmen gift ideas

I’ve gotten a few questions lately from brides seeking the perfect offbeat groomsmen’s gifts. I’ve resisted weighing in because no two dudes are the same — and I really don’t dig the gender-normative trends in groomsmen gifts. It seems like it’s assumed that groomsmen are interested in booze (flasks!), titties (pin-up cufflinks!), tools, and sports. […]

Alex & Mark’s Mexi-Kitchy-Chic-Forest-Wonderland Wedding

You’ve seen this wedding before when Ariel raved about the “best woman’s” amazing outfit. Now get the entire scoop on my friend Alex’s beautiful offbeat redwood forest wedding that I was lucky to attend. The Offbeat Bride: Alex- Community Manager Her Offbeat Partner: Mark- Restaurant Manager Location & date of wedding: Nestldown, Los Gatos CA […]

Groom’s girls and Best women

Here’s another great example of how to deal with cross-gender wedding parties. Check out the fabulous groom’s girls/best women in this shot from Jessicka & Christian’s fabulous wedding. (Thanks to Amanda Brooks Photography for the shot!)