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Covid turned my hallowedding into an elopement (but it was still magical!)

If you’re into wands, Deathly Hallows, thestrals, ghosting, invisible antics, magic potions… you’ll definitely want to check out these photos from Shannon and Andrew’s Hallowedding elopement.

Andreas & Ariel’s island hippie/raver forest freak-fest (10th anniversary flashback!)

10 years ago today, the wedding that ultimately kicked off the whole weird world that is Offbeat Bride happened. On August 7th 2004, I married Andreas. Then I wrote a book about it. Then I launched a website about the book, and now here we are. To celebrate, I figured I’d fill out a wedding profile myself. If these pics make you curious, you can get the Offbeat Bride book on Amazon for like 50 cents.

Holly & James’ handmade winter meditation on love

This wedding takes its direction from a desire to leave a small carbon footprint and to locally-source as much as possible. Having it in the state’s first Platinum LEED-certified building was definitely apropos. The homemade hula hoops, butternut squash soup, and folk music were icing on this Star Trek-topped cake.

Victoria & Jacqueline’s tiny thrifty dressy wedding celebration

Top five reasons to read this post: 1) TWO beautiful Goodwill dresses! 2) Red wedding boots! 3) Long black satin gloves! 4) Marilyn Monroe moment! 5) All you need is love.

Danielle & Carl’s magically weird weekend wedding

Danielle & Carl had a magical reception at a special B&B in Kentucky. Despite some serious health issues, they had a fantastic, fun event!

Treehouse weddings at Oregon’s Vertical Horizons Treehouse Paradise

If you’ve been on the lookout for a really unique outdoor wedding site, be prepared to get super excited… Vertical Horizons Treehouse Paradise is beautiful property in southern Oregon with three unique treehouses that are available for weddings! We’ve covered two treehouse weddings on OBB before and we’re DYING to see more of all that woodsy gorgeousness. […]