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barefoot bride

Risa & Jon’s purple-corseted, gender-quirked, barefoot wedding

This pair wanted to have everything either be reused or reusable, including their AMAZING outfits. They also wanted an event that reflected their maker-style, love for public areas and green space, and geeky aesthetic. So they ended up with a melange of aspects from wine and beer making, the NYC subway, and science-fiction and fantasy.

Nathalie & Stephen’s family-friendly, on their own farm wedding

Hosting a wedding on your farm can be a whole lot of work, and this one was no exception. But when there’s a barn built in 1955 and an old farm house at your disposal, how can you not? Get ready for games, dogs, smudging at the ceremony, and a truly beautiful ceremony in the round.

Robert & Cecily’s jumpin’ the broom in Kauai wedding

This bright and beautiful Hawaiian day was meant for these two. After a handfasting on the mainland, they continued their ceremony on the beach in Kauai with a lei ceremony, jumping the broom, and a dancing on the beach. This one is intimate, lovely, and true to this adorable pair.

Karen & Pete’s Spanish countryside handfasting wedding

We love when a wedding just looks like a rocking party. And this style of inviting yourself to party with the couple for a week totally works in my book! Get ready for a casual pool party in a countryside location in the heat of a Spanish summer with the whole family. Don’t miss the music switcheroo for the impromptu first dance. Hint: European football fans may get the joke!

Carrie & Mason’s barefoot mountain wedding

This pair wanted a planned elopement in the mountains followed by a second ceremony and barn party the weekend after! It’s the best of both worlds. It may have been August in Kentucky (meaning HOT), but everyone pulled up a box fan and had a steamy, dreamy, barefooted good time.

Rachel & Nick’s black, red, and beach-all-over music-loving wedding

A love of music, the beach, and rockin’ bare feet, these two planned an LA from Boston wedding (with all of the intricacies that it might entail). And a switch from a kid-free wedding to kid-full turned into a funny dance floor surprise. Plus, gazing at these beach sunset shots doesn’t hurt the midday blahs at all.