Julia & Brad's Presidents' Day weekend wedding

Presidential fake tats, the Washington DC skyline on the invites, and some of DC's best barbecue food truck on hand for the noms — it's a loving homage to this couple's city on President's Day. It was also a tribute to some hardcore DIY, including tons of hand-dyed muslin, crepe paper bouquets, and even a homemade cake. You'll also want to take note of how to totally own a wedding day rap.


Karly & Jack's vintage-inspired Alice in Wonderland wedding

Vintage book centerpieces, Alice in Wonderland details all over the joint, a vintage-style dress, and a butterfly cake (and bouquets!) make us salivate over the little things in this wedding. A drop-dead gorgeous venue sure didn't hurt, either. Plus, there are total lessons to be learned about having your partner help in planning and dealing with a venue coordinator. Look and learn!


Stacey & Ben's family farm home-grown wedding

This groom's mad DIY skills are going to make your jaw drop. He built the gazebo they got married under — no big deal. The couple's whole family got in on the DIY action, from growing the flowers to gathering the tablecloths, and wait till you see the bonfire they built, lit by the full harvest moon!


Kate & Micah's two families mess with Texas wedding

Two dresses + twenty folks in a Commitment Crew + dance floor debauchery and BBQ bibs = One very Texas wedding. From the flowers in her hair to the fabulous map of where all the guests had traveled from to share the weekend wedding, to the chalkboard menu of amazing Tex-Mex masterpieces, the personal touches in this wedding are some serious eye-candy. Come get your groove on with this self-DJed partay!


Shana & Leon's bluegrass wedding in the woods

This pair loves hiking, trees, awesome local beer, and good barbecue. What better ingredients are there for a campground wedding under the trees? Oh, maybe the addition of a kick-ass bluegrass band that kept everyone dancing well into the night. With some ceremony accompaniment, an adorable uncle reading poetry, and dogs and kids galore, this was a wedding with a lot of heart.