Sarah & Davy's love in the key of honky-tonk wedding

When the groom is a professional honkey-tonker, and you live near an amazing little dive called Max's Place, it makes all the sense in the world to celebrate that honkey-tonk lifestyle with a cowboy and music-themed bash. The kick-ass outfits on the bands (yep, all of them) alone are worth a look.


Magdalena & Jared's Brooklyn brunch-and-bar wedding

To give their guests the Brooklyn experience they love, this couple's going out for brunch, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, having cocktails at their favorite bar, and eating crepes from a food truck wedding was the way to go. Their pebble beach ceremony with a breathtaking view of Manhattan and beautiful wedding walk across the Brooklyn bridge made for some fantastic photos — for them, and for tourists to the Big Apple!


Ashley & Eric's Wedding in a Bar

What's a kick-ass way to arrive for your wedding at a bar? In a bitchin' party bus! This pair's rainbow of attendants (rockin' a rainbow of socks, btw) had to dash between a parade and a police presence to take photos at the park before heading to the bar for a funny little ceremony and deep dish pizza. Check out their alternative guest books, ticketed seating arrangements, and one flower girl's adorable pout.


Evelyn & Nathan's quirky Humanist wedding in an Irish castle

Check it: an Irish castle with a ceremony space that looks like it's made of ice, a bar reception with vegan options and an offbeat coordinator, and a Humanist ceremony with "Everything I Need to Know I Learned From My Dog." Oh wait, there's also a top hat-wearing stilt walker greeting guests and a giant pink bus for guest transportation. See it now!


Emily & Dan's gothically delicious 'til death-themed wedding

They don't like the usual wedding traditions, so why would they use them? Bring on the goth fashion, metal music, and the EPIC Jekyll and Hyde-themed bar! With an eyeball bouquet, lots of leather, a couple of gorgeous masks, and some clever DIY, this wedding was turned into a celebration of their personal connection.


Have a wedding after-party at your favorite bar

For some, it's the bestest part about going to the wedding is the reception. But the problem is that it's usually the biggest expense of all the expenses. Here's an awesome idea from a former Tribe member for those of you who don't want to pay for a DJ, drinks, decor, or even the venue space at all…