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Great Gatsby wedding ideas from Photo Pink

Photo Pink back and you’re going to love to what they’ve got for you. It combines breathtaking shots from a Great Gatsby themed wedding, our new favorite wedding accessories (predatory birds), and a chance to win 75% off of their wedding packages. Keep reading, because you’re going to love this…

Melinda & Paul’s disability-friendly, southern, sports rivalry wedding

Paul wanted a traditional Catholic wedding, whereas Melinda wanted to let her true colors shine. So they met in the middle and had a Catholic ceremony, followed by a rockin’ reception at the hall next to Edgar Allen Poe’s grave. The best part of the day for Melinda was when she walked without her crutches for the first time in eighteen years!

Sarah & Jeff’s steam-punk, victorian military wedding extravaganza

Who doesn’t love a man in uniform or a bride who wears wings to her reception? Not me. If you were intrigued by that dignified portrait of Sarah & Jeff I shared with you a few weeks ago, then you’ll enjoy reading the rest of their wedding details! -Coco

Marisa & Patrick’s Pi day wedding in a science museum

Marisa & Patrick based the theme of their wedding entirely on the location. Since they are science/comic nerds the venue of their dreams turned out to be a science museum. So they held their ceremony in the planetarium and used science paraphernalia as decorations!