Beauty from pain: A cancer survivor's non-wig ways to rock being a bald bride

“Will you postpone the wedding until after your cancer is gone?” asked my friend the week I was re-diagnosed with lymphoma. My response was so feral it surprised even me. “Honey, come hell or high water, I am motherloving having this wedding, and you better motherloving be there because I don’t know how long I’ve got left.”

My cancer came back a few months before my wedding, and I wanted to use my baldness as an opportunity to recognize cancer's presence while living through it with beauty and joy. Here's my story…


Wedding styles for Natural Hair and locs

Every time I see a natural bride straighten out her gorgeous curls, or, worse yet, cover them with a weave or wig just for the sake of looking more "polished" or "feminine" for her wedding, a little piece of me dies inside.  I've been natural for 16 years, loc'd for 12 of those years, but I'm still always on the lookout for new ways to style my hair, especially now that I'm getting married in May.  But I understand how those who are new to the natural hair "movement" may be a little unsure of what to do with their hair on their wedding day.  There are quite a few photos out there of curly natural hair styles, and I wanted to provide some inspiration for the loc'd ladies as well.  So cancel that sew-in appointment, girl, and check out these 'dos…


Kiona & Jennifer's magickal barefoot solstice wedding in the desert

This pair has a strong connection to the desert, so a barefoot desert ceremony was a must. Add in lots of handmade, vegetarian, and eco-friendly touches, and you've got a truly gorgeous and personal wedding (that somehow totally avoided the scorching Arizona summer heat). And don't miss the awesome, impromptu "rad bromance" dance duet!