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Kilted grooms rockin’ them tartans, and one NSFW cake topper

Ever wonder what’s really hiding under that kilt? Well, read more and you might just find out. Because this Monday Montage is dedicated to all of you sexy Scots, Irish, and whoever else can sport a kilt on their wedding day.

Meghan & Anne’s log-cabin lesbian bagpipe-y wedding

What happens when two ladies in a bagpipe band get married? You’ll have to keep reading to find out. Hint: it’s awesome.

Paige & Elliot’s woodland secular Scottish wedding

Holy shitballs, this wedding is amazing — wonderful big, poofy, black and white dress, the Star Wars theme played on a bagpipe, Violin groom’s cake, and, of course, lots-o-kilts for day 4 of Kilt Week.

Anja & Lutz’s live roleplay wedding with historical aspirations

As avid live action role players, it was only fitting that Anja & Lutz have a full-on historically-inspired, live action role player wedding. They even got their guests to dress up!

Jaye & Jeremy’s eco-friendly, dessert & cocktail wedding

The offbeat bride: Jaye, musician and event planner Her offbeat partner: Jeremy, scientist (stem cell research) Location & date of wedding: Rumball Manor at the Rumball Centre for the Deaf in Toronto, ON Canada — October 5, 2007 What made our wedding offbeat: I had my wedding dress made in green silk and the groom […]

Christina & Jason’s colorful, Renfest, dance-apalooza wedding

Remember the bellydancing bride we fell in love with a little while back? Well, she was kind enough to give us the whole scoop on her amazing wedding festivities.