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These posts are all about getting married in backyards — sometimes the couple’s OWN backyard, and sometimes the backyard of a friend of family member. You may also want to check out our archive of at-home weddings.

Pagan polyamorous gender-nonconforming wedding

We got married at sunset, on Friday the 13th, in our backyard. It was a pagan handfasting ceremony that was heavily influenced by our personal interests. We are both gender non-conforming, so we removed all gendered language/traditions.

Informal wedding invitation wording flexible enough for 2021’s chaotic vibes

I’m working on the wedding invitations for my 2022 wedding, and all informal wedding invitation wording examples I’m finding online feel like they’re from the before-times. I don’t need to talk about the pandemic specifically on my invitations, but it feels weird not to acknowledge that weddings are different now than they used to be. I’m having a casual microwedding in my backyard, and I know I’m not the only one who’s struggling with informal, casual, but also celebratory wedding invitation wording. Help??

Thinking of having a backyard microwedding? Here’s your inspo

Wondering if you can make a backyard wedding look lush and elegant? Caroline and Price (and their flower-wearing pooch!) are here to show you how it’s done…

Should your parents pay for your wedding? Why one bride says NO THANK YOU

Historically, parents paying for a wedding has ugly cultural baggage. For this reason, I am against the idea of anyone’s parents being obliged or asked to pay for their children’s wedding.

A Reiki healer marries an actor in their Ojai backyard (made to look like their home!)

A Reiki healer marries an actor in their Ojai backyard (made to look like their home!)

Savannah and Nick live in Los Angeles but wanted an intimate wedding at their Ojai vacation home. Savannah, an interior designer and reiki practitioner, and Nick, an actor, had a vision of recreating the feel and look of their apartment in the garden. The wedding was special, personal, and wonderfully imperfect — exactly what they wanted.

A backyard wedding with dinosaurs, DIY, & a gorgeous gown made by the bride

A tea party wedding with dinosaurs, DIY, & a gorgeous gown handmade by the bride

We knew we wanted things to be really classy and elegant, but we had a small budget. Since we couldn’t afford a lot of flowers, we bought a ton of Christmas lights on sale the year before and just went nuts with white twinkle lights and it worked out beautifully. Chris loves dinosaurs, so I snuck them in everywhere without telling him: large ones held our table numbers and small ones were just hidden in strange places, all painted gold. The biggest highlight is that I made my own gown!