A party that could save your wedding? In defense of "stag and doe" parties

For those not in the know, these parties are a fundraiser for engaged couples. The idea is that attendees pay an admission (usually around $10-$15), and play games that are designed to make some money for the couple getting married (think dollar dances, coin toss games, raffles, etc). Don't get me wrong, I get how some people may be weirded out by this idea. But I think about it this way…


Cads About Matrimony is the ONLY wedding game you'll want to play (sorry, toilet paper dresses)

After seeing how popular the $5 print-it-yourself version was, Tribesmaid Ailea started a Kickstarter for a pro version, and (thanks in part to you guys) got fully funded! So now you can buy that sexy, sleek, box of wedding snark fun instead of having to find a working printer (because, if you're like me, that task is A LOT harder than planning a wedding). Let's take a peak inside the sexy sleek box from our sponsor Cads About Matrimony…


Cads About Matrimony: a game for the snark-loving bachelorette party

Last year, I was put in charge of games for my dear friend Nicky's bachelorette party. I had no experience planning wedding party games, so I went online to look for ideas, and found plenty of them that were extremely lame. I felt like Nicky deserved better. I was playing a lot of Cards Against Humanity at the time, so I was inspired to create a card game that honors the glorious institution that is matrimony.