How do you decide which events your bridesman should attend?

With more and more wedding parties going the way of the coed, it's becoming pretty common and no big deal, especially around these parts. Sometimes couples even have a shared wedding party, especially if they have a ton of shared friends. The point is, there are no set rules for gender-blind wedding parties as long as you're honoring the feelings of your friends. Let's talk about asking dudes to join you at your pre-wedding parties and planning events.


Cads About Matrimony: The wedding game that doesn't suck!

Looking for the perfect bachelor/ette party game? Icebreaker? After party activity? Or do you just need to let off some steam during the stress-filled and super-ridiculous wedding planning process? Cads About Matrimony is here to help you with ALL of that. Cads is a wedding-themed party game that was designed as both satire and homage to all our weird and wonderful cultural baggage around love, marriage, and weddings. Besides Offbeat Bride, this game may just be the best thing to come out of wedding planning frustration EVAR.

How to throw a joint bachelor/bachelorette party at a baseball game

Most of our friends are couples and we all share in the enjoyment of each other's company. There are no "his" friends and "her" friends, they are simply, "our friends." Add in our 10-month old daughter, and the need for typical bachelor and bachelorette parties goes right out the window. We have a mutual love of baseball (even though our favorite teams yield from opposites sides of the Bay) and beer, so our wedding party decided to throw us a joint "stag" party at our local Triple A baseball game. Here's how they pulled it off…


Delinquent Debutantes' "bawdy positive" movement for all shapes, sizes, and abilities at your Nashville bachelorette party

I am officially jealous of anyone living near Nashville because you have access to one of the most amazing "bawdy positive" movement and dance classes known to offbeat-kind. Delinquent Debutantes is Nashville’s premier burlesque and circus dance studio providing classes in body positive movement for all shapes, sizes, and abilities. We're talking a totally safe space for anyone wanting to explore their sensual side, get an awesome workout, and of course… host the most bad-ass and body positive bachelorette party.