Why a murder mystery rehearsal dinner is a KILLER idea for a wedding party

We got this idea from one of the most epic Halloween weddings we've featured, Sharon and Kevin's three-themed gothic wedding. We definitely got caught up in one of their ideas: a murder mystery rehearsal dinner! The best part of getting people into a themed party like this is that it's going to give guests a reason to talk to one another and let their guards down. Apparently they even kept up the characters after the party! Let's hear from Sharon on how it went down…

How to throw a joint bachelor/bachelorette party at a baseball game

Most of our friends are couples and we all share in the enjoyment of each other's company. There are no "his" friends and "her" friends, they are simply, "our friends." Add in our 10-month old daughter, and the need for typical bachelor and bachelorette parties goes right out the window. We have a mutual love of baseball (even though our favorite teams yield from opposites sides of the Bay) and beer, so our wedding party decided to throw us a joint "stag" party at our local Triple A baseball game. Here's how they pulled it off…


In defense of STAG and DOE parties

For those not in the know, these parties are a fundraiser for engaged couples. The idea is that attendees pay an admission (usually around $10-$15), and play games that are designed to make some money for the couple getting married (think dollar dances, coin toss games, raffles, etc). Don't get me wrong, I get how some people may be weirded out by this idea. But I think about it this way…


A girls' guide to throwing a "surprise musical roast" bachelor party

When you're a girl and your best friend is a guy, and that guy gets engaged, it just may fall on you to throw the bachelor party. That's where I found myself a couple months ago. My best friend Erik was getting married and I wanted to throw him a kick-ass bachelor party. One of the groomsman suggested that we throw him surprise musical roast. As Erik, and all his friends, are amazing musicians this was the greatest idea ever. Only… I've never been to a bachelor party before, and I've certainly never thrown one. I fired off a panicked email to Offbeat Bride sponsor and friend Laura from Rebel Belle WeddingsThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them who helped me pull of the coolest bachelor party/surprise musical roast ever! Here's how we did it.