Sarah & Jenn's backyard fairy wedding

"All of the guests humored us by dressing up in wings and fancy fairy garb, and our officiant was a happy purple fairy~ We were married at Twilight, and the entire ceremony quoted from Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night's Dream) or was written by us, invoking all of the faerie realm."


Kristen's green, eco-friendly wedding

The offbeat bride: Kristen / Retail Manager, but trying to get out Her offbeat groom: Todd / Production Assistant Location & date of wedding: Miami University Campus, Oxford, OH. Oct……


Brit didn't let getting sick ruin her wedding!

The offbeat bride: Brit, Admin Her offbeat partner: Cecilia, Accountant Location & date of wedding: Historic building outside Boston, MA, October 13, 2007 What made our wedding offbeat: We made…..