A 1920s Princess Bride surprise wedding

Kathy and Nathan dropped the ultimate surprise on their families and friends with a 1920s-themed birthday party ruse-turned-wedding! Not many people knew, but one in particular had to be in on the surprise. The officiant was dressed in full "Impressive Clergyman" garb and, naturally, began the ceremony with the famous ceremony monologue from The Princess Bride.


Julie & Paul's farm fresh and sassy wedding

After two years of life and natural disasters delaying the wedding, these hunter/gatherers finally tied the knot at their own gorgeous home in Nova Scotia. With their own foliage (and some lingerie!) as decor, a doggie ring bearer, a fake roadkill-style menu, an actual seafood dinner, and the kissy-face couple themselves, I don't even know what you'll love most. Let's just go with everything!


Shannon & Tim's Neo-Victorian steampunk wedding

After having very traditional first weddings, this couple knew that this time around, the whole shebang was going to be totally personalized. Plus, it's in the form of a steampunk/Neo-Victorian ceremony in a museum followed by an at-home reception with all the nearest and dearest, so we totally approve. You'll go batty over the corset and bird cage "bouquet" too!


Bekka & Matt's über DIY wedding at home

Bekka and Matt are both working artists — Bekka is a ceramic artist and Matt does graphic arts — so every aspect of their at home wedding was hand-crafted by them. Their wedding was so DIY that their photographer, Sheila Addleman, was the only vendor they hired! Prepare to be impressed by this uber DIY wedding.