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Blueberries & strawberry pink hair at this berry sweet handmade wedding in Arkansas

Blueberries & strawberry pink hair at this berry sweet handmade wedding in Arkansas

Zac and Tiffany had a super sweet handmade wedding in Springdale, Arkansas that gave us huge heart eyes. From the homemade blueberry cake to the bride’s strawberry pink hair, everything was made with love and care by their whole community.

Don’t miss all the thrifted decor, taco bar, and stunning florals.

Ottenpalooza: a colorful music festival wedding

Ottenpaloosa: a joyful & colorful music festival wedding

Our wedding was a big, fun, love fest! My husband and I chose to do a music festival theme, because we met at Wakarusa, a music festival in the Ozark mountains. We wanted to be surrounded by nature on our wedding day, so our wedding was held at the beautiful Wildwood Park for the Arts. I am an art teacher, so I wanted our wedding to be an explosion of color. Each of my bridesmaids wore a different tertiary color on the color wheel. We also incorporated as much color as we could by using colorful tapestries on the tables and by hanging rainbow ribbons in the trees.

Melodie & Ryan’s backyard barbecue meets rustic romance wedding

You have to see this amazing rustic backyard wedding featuring the cutest of cuties in Arkansas. But when you read the groom’s vows, watch out for the tears, because they came for us with a vengeance. Oh, and they came AGAIN during the funniest moment! This is one gorgeous wedding.

Angie & Marc’s fairy tale chapel red hot wedding

This bride and her mother both picked out the wedding chapel independently. And once I saw it, I though probably would have too! In an idyllic location, with a small group of their closest pals, donning red gowns and fedoras, these two lovebirds finally closed the 5000 mile-gap and got married.

Jenna & Billy’s band geeks and Harry Potter bookish wedding

Harry Potter and sheet music cupcake stands, an amazing sheet music DIYed bouquet, and damask and Scrabble details, all on a tight budget and overcoming some powerful adversity. This wedding between two alumni at their university is as sweet as it is courageous. Enjoy the book details during our Bookish theme week.

Paisley & Dougie’s crafty picnic nerdstravaganza wedding

Dungeons & Dragons, sci-fi vows, games, the Time Warp… it’s a geek’s paradise! After finding the venue by putting a note on the door, these two planned a local garden wedding to whet every gamer’s appetite. And don’t think this bride isn’t up for the challenge when she forgets her vows at home!