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Ocotopodes, sharks, and more: our archive of aquarium weddings is filled to the gills (HAR HAR) with aquarium wedding ideas and inspiration.

Turtles, starfish, and sailboats: a sun-filled aquarium wedding from New Jersey

Ben and Erin hosted their ceremony and reception at New Jersey’s Atlantic City Aquarium. The pair included a ton of darling details like blue and teal striped pinwheels and planting a tree together for their unity ceremony. They also opted to leave several seats intentionally empty during the ceremony, and marked these spots with a handwritten tribute to family and friends who couldn’t be there to celebrate.

Shondelyn & Tyler’s SCUBA-loving aquarium wedding

It all starts with gawking at the luscious purple wedding gown (from [vendor-heart link=""]Wedding Dress Fantasy[/vendor-heart]!). And then we’re ogling the scenery at the awesome aquarium. After that we’re spying octopodes and tentacles all over the place. And once we see the anniversary dance winners, it’s all over. Hearts melted.

Weddings bite back: Attack your wedding with the shark awesomeness

You may know by now that I have a special place in my heart for sharks ever since my husband survived a sneak attack by one of their kind. Aaron and I even included sharks in our wedding. But Sara and Frank (pictured above in that daring shark rescue) kicked my ass on wedding shark details. Check out all the ways you can steal their ideas to get more sharks at YOUR wedding…

Melissa & Robert’s “anchored in love” underwater adventure wedding

This couple likes BioShock 2. A lot. So their wedding had lots of music from the soundtrack, and –of course — had an underwater theme like the game’s underwater city. Totally gamer chic and gorgeous at the same time. Plus sharks. We like sharks.

An aquarium, a mandap, and a Star Wars save-the-date

An aquarium wedding with a shark and awesome glasses? I am in for this. Get ready for some red crinoline, a singing father/daughter dance, and some awesome handmade save-the-dates and invitations.

Lauren & Johnny’s rockin’ seaside aquarium boda

An authentic taco bar, a garage rock band, and the most awesome hand-illustrated invitation… need I say more? This South-of-the-border-influenced bash boasted lots of fun details and a gorgeous seaside ceremony. And you’ll love the bride’s Burning Man-inspired flaming copper flower bouquet!