Anna & Russell's scientific gothic humanist wedding

A rockin' red dress, a stack of chocolatey brownies, and a museum celebrating all things science? Check, check, double check! The Humanist ceremony upstairs in a library full of scientific texts, the reception downstairs among funky science installations, and a giant statue of a favorite scientist for photos ops round out this wedding's fabulous setting. Read on for more… for SCIENCE!


Cristina & Adrian's colorful, lesbian, vegan night of fun

These two put the hot pink in pinky swear, and I mean HOT. The crafty duo included lots of personal details — duct tape bouquets, vegan noms, bright ties, toys, a puppy, and science! All to celebrate a steamy romance surrounded by family and friends… with a sweet surprise translation of a favorite love song. Aww, now they've put the aw in hawt, too!


North Carolina's Sugarland Bakery is going to rock your custom wedding desserts

North Carolinians, get ready for your salivary glands to start getting as excited as your eyeballs as I introduce you to our sponsor Sugarland Bakery. Sugarland is a scratch bakery, gelateria, coffee shop, and bar located in North Carolina. But most importabtly… they create fabulous wedding and special occasion cakes. And they are all about customization…and art degrees… and gelato surprises…


Traditional Swedish Smörgåstårta instead of cake?

In Sweden we have a cake for all occasions but mostly associated with summer time and burials, the Traditional Swedish Smörgåstårta. I started requesting that my cake would be a Smörgåstårta not only for its awesome versatility but also for its wonderful properties. Here follows the definitive account of the properties of the most awesome of all Cakes. The one cake to rule them all.