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Yay for Alberta brides and grooms! We’ve featured lots of Alberta wedding venues, ideas, inspiration, dresses, and more!

Nathalie & Stephen’s family-friendly, on their own farm wedding

Hosting a wedding on your farm can be a whole lot of work, and this one was no exception. But when there’s a barn built in 1955 and an old farm house at your disposal, how can you not? Get ready for games, dogs, smudging at the ceremony, and a truly beautiful ceremony in the round.

Eva & Carter’s circus-themed multicultural wedding and brewery tour

Candy! Kids! A slo-mo photo booth! A magician! A caricaturist! Two super cuties who seriously know how to have fun — yep, this is a circus-themed wedding with a tea ceremony, chinese dragon dancers, two gorgeous dresses, and even a brewery tour. You don’t want to miss this one.

Jonathan Liaw: Alberta’s unicorn-riding geek with a camera

Our sponsor Jonathan Liaw — the Edmonton-based, unicorn-riding, self-confessed geek with a camera — is back with more awesome photographs! Remember when we talked about what zombies, rap, and Canadian Tire money had to do with his photography? Yes, the last time we talked about all the things Jonathan is, this time let’s talk about all the things Jonathan is not

Bethany & Shawn’s geeky retro aviation museum wedding

Let me just leave this here: Adventure Time cake, custom manga shoes, retro pin-up style, and a killer aviation museum venue. We can’t even get over the CAKE! You have to see it. Plus, all the awesome group shots in the museum and the sweet kissy-face shots. And let’s not forget the whispered naughty secrets during the portrait session in the comic book store!

Unicorns, zombies, and wedding photography with Edmonton-based Jonathan Liaw

Photographer, and Canadian Offbeat Bride sponsor, Jonathan Liaw describes himself as “an adventure-seeking, moment-loving, unicorn-riding, self-confessed geek with a camera for hire.” So clearly Jonathan fits right in with all us moment-loving, adventure-seeking, unicorn-loving geeks. And if you live in or near Alberta, allow me to introduce you to your future wedding photographer.

Hey, even if you’re not even Canadian, you may still just be curious to find out what unicorns, zombies, rap, and Canadian Tire money have to do with wedding awesome photography…

Morgan & Nicole’s dreamy mountain wedding

Yep, we said “dreamy” and we mean it! Dreaming about those mountains, that lake, that EPIC hotel, and those two sexy-as-hell brides is just about the only thing that can be done after seeing it. Sure, they may have almost sunk into the lake, and maybe they hadn’t had tons of practice with PDA, but seriously, shit be worth it.