A galaxy themed tiny zoo wedding with tons of DIY

Our wedding was a mix of us wanting to keep it below a very certain budget and wanting to make it the most fun we could. The theme was sci-fi and we had fun with it. For starters, all of our centerpieces were hand-made by us, each being a scene from a TV show or movie we loved. These included Doctor Who, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Fifth Element, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. We also hid some dragons and unicorns in there as a reference to our favorite fantasy animals.


Heather & John's secular, no-vow, Alaskan mountaintop wedding

Look, let me just say in advance: we put a lot of puppy shots into this wedding. It couldn't be resisted. It just happened and now you have to live with it. You're welcome. But really, the views in this wedding alone make it a must-see. Oh, and the flower girl dresses. And the rainbow cakes. Oh yeah, and the sweet father/daughter dance to Green Day. Oh and yeah, the most adorable puppers ever to crash a ceremony. Don't take my word for it: go look!


Courtney & Rhys' Alaskan steampunk octopus-spattered beach wedding

Whether you call them octopuses or octopodes, you're gonna love looking for all of them in this steamy beachy wedding. Hint: check out the bride's hairclip, the handmade papier mache, and the seriously breathtaking mountain backdrop, and that's before the fabulous goggles and gadgetry the wedding party and guests are sporting. Gear up…


Natalie & Iliana's laid-back bounce house wedding

With s'mores, hula hoops, a bounce house (carefully hidden from kiddie's eyes until after the ceremony), and a photo booth, there was something for all the kids and the young and heart to enjoy. They also had access to authentic homemade Latin food (made by one of the brides' families!) and an amazing venue, all somehow on a low budget!


Katrina & Jason's "planned in four days" wedding in Alaska

Imagine deciding to get married on a family reunion vacation and having only four days to plan. That's exactly what this pair did on their vacation cruise in Alaska. Fast dress fittings, a quickie cake and bouquet, and all the nearest and dearest in one place. That's how you elope in the far North!