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Real wedding stories from Alabama, plus offbeat venue ideas. Also be sure to check out our favorite Alabama wedding vendors from our Vendor Guide!

Check the LIGHT UP WEDDING DRESS at this carnival wedding

Ellie and Jake loved their school carnivals so much that they brought that vibe to their woodland wedding — with a light-up dress and light-up shoes, too.

Check this winter engagement photoshoot from two intense med students

A passionate engagement photo shoot may be outside some people’s comfort zone, but Jordan Jay found that it conveyed her relationship with fiancé Nicholas better than the typical super-sweet shots.

Laura & Jason’s tattooed and belly-dancing historical wedding

When the bride and her sister make eight hardcore Victorian-inspired outfits for the wedding, you know this is serious-business history love. Add in the Victorian dancing, regimental band, and amazing belly dance and drum performance, and you’ve got a recipe for an outstanding wedding celebrating a gorgeous family home and era. Wait until you hear what the bride did with her antique ring!

Becky & Shannon’s Southern music and paper flowers wedding

This singer/pianist duo loves performing and it totally shows in this musical wedding in a theater. We’re talking sheet music flowers, treble heart cake toppers, super professional-looking, and headshots of the “wedding cast.” But my favorite part of all is that they had MUSICAL VOWS! You’ve gotta see how they did it. Plus, if you’ve ever had a problem finding something dapper and non-dressy to wear to your lesbian wedding, you may have a… “semi-butch quandary!”

Michelle & Sharky’s top-secret shark-infested wedding

The groom’s nickname is Sharky, so you might know what theme this wedding had. You guessed it: tons of hidden sharks! Plus, the theme was a secret from everyone except a select few. They also used a little photo magic to add some personality to their centerpieces. But my favorite part is the photos of the couple — talk about personality. Definitely check the slideshow on this one.

Sarah & Corey’s budget Viking wedding with a pop culture twist

Vikings, Star Wars, and superheroes — oh my! This warm weather wedding has major charm, lots of DIY cosplay action, and a good group of participating guests to make it fun. With a little Viking heritage, lots of movie soundtrack music, and some name mispronunciation, there’s a lot to see here.