Laura & Jason's tattooed and belly-dancing historical wedding

When the bride and her sister make eight hardcore Victorian-inspired outfits for the wedding, you know this is serious-business history love. Add in the Victorian dancing, regimental band, and amazing belly dance and drum performance, and you've got a recipe for an outstanding wedding celebrating a gorgeous family home and era. Wait until you hear what the bride did with her antique ring!


Becky & Shannon's Southern music and paper flowers wedding

This singer/pianist duo loves performing and it totally shows in this musical wedding in a theater. We're talking sheet music flowers, treble heart cake toppers, super professional-looking, and headshots of the "wedding cast." But my favorite part of all is that they had MUSICAL VOWS! You've gotta see how they did it. Plus, if you've ever had a problem finding something dapper and non-dressy to wear to your lesbian wedding, you may have a… "semi-butch quandary!"


Michelle & Sharky's top-secret shark-infested wedding

The groom's nickname is Sharky, so you might know what theme this wedding had. You guessed it: tons of hidden sharks! Plus, the theme was a secret from everyone except a select few. They also used a little photo magic to add some personality to their centerpieces. But my favorite part is the photos of the couple — talk about personality. Definitely check the slideshow on this one.