Separate, together, and in between: alternative processional ideas from readers

We've got a post that lays out some ways to craft your customized processional including how to lay out the order, how to choose the music, where to seat honored guests, etc. It's totally worth a read if you're at that stage of planning. But we also received some great ideas in the comments that I want to share with you today. Here are a few of our favorite ways to process down the aisle, outside of the traditional methods.


This Roy Croft aisle runner brings poetry right to our feet

Kate and Marc wanted their wedding to be about their story and the things that bring them joy: downtown Portland, their kitties, board games, video games, wrestling (WWE!), and craft beer. They made a dash for a local bar that had tons of arcade games as well as gaming systems for some pictures and Mortal Kombat, and they announced their wedding party and themselves in full WWE inspired outfits. The wedding itself was killer, but we are SO digging one particular detail: their aisle runner that had Roy Croft's poem, "Love" written all over it. Take a peek at that and a few more details from their sweet gamer wedding.


So you want to craft a processional…

A processional is an important element of any wedding ceremony. We're creating a special moment that separates the mundane, everyday life from the extraordinary, ceremonial moment of your wedding. I'm going to talk through a fairly traditional processional. Although I'll be using the terms "bride" and "groom," this doesn't mean that ANY of these positions and traditions can't be used by anyone in any way they want…


Line your aisle with big ol' balloons

Tribesmaid Kimberhill recently showed off some teaser pics of her fabulous wedding, and I immediately thought, "OMG! I love that balloon aisle!" What a simple way to add a pop of color while bringing the happy in the only way that big red balloons can.