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Real wedding stories and pictures from weddings in Africa including South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria.

A small town, small chapel, huge love South African wedding

Conny and Felix are Germans living in Sydney, Australia who love Cape Town, South Africa. Got it so far? Conny’s mother lives in the nearby small town of McGregor and hosted this gorgeous party for the pair after their official ceremony in Germany. And boy, was the scenery alone worth the travel! Watercolor-faded mountain lines in the horizon, a sweet little chapel underneath a canopy of trees, and ocean blue stained glass… paradise!

Charlie & Quinten’s barefoot faux-forest indoor picnic wedding

Tons of handmade pillows, hay bales, leaves, and picnic blankets — it must be an outdoor wedding, right? Nope! But it may as well be. Due to some wet weather, these two brought the outdoors in for a green and brown faux-forest wedding. Even the flower girl and ring bearer got in on the theme action. Chalk up some bare feet, some lovely poetry, and a big ol’ party, and you’re ready for forest-y fun indoors.

Alexa & Wale’s vibrant Nigerian engagement and minimalist Unitarian nerdfest

You may recognize this pair from Alexa’s Nigerian engagement ceremony bridentity crisis, and we just had to see how it all turned out. It’s a two-ceremony mega-mash of Nigerian and American culture including handmade geles (Nigerian head wraps), geeky details, a sweet candle ceremony, and some flubbed vows that are too funny to miss.

My Nigerian engagement ceremony bridentity crisis

I’m generally of the belief that your wedding is not always about you, but it should reflect you: your beliefs, your values, and your community. But how could I feel good about a ceremony where I didn’t feel like myself and nothing else felt like me either? In the end, it was really been a two-step process…

Chantal & Stefan’s rocking South African wedding

Giving us two freshly-inked thumbs up, this couple’s bright blue wedding is all happy. Seriously, folks, the photo of the couple holding hands with the bride’s beautiful grandmothers is absolutely adorable. Inspired by other Offbeat Brides, the bouquet is a work of art, the favours are a sweet treat, and the seating chart is a diplomatic success. Click on for more!

A Nigerian ceremony, lip-trembling first looks, and some amazing hair

Tribesmaid Revedehautbois and her groom Olawale had a traditional Nigerian engagement ceremony that included these amazing outfits (and gorgeous fan). And while this photo was a great find in the Offbeat Bride Tribe, the lovely photo opportunities just kept on coming.