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Congrats: you’ve been invited to an offbeat wedding! We’re here to help you understand what to expect, with modern offbeat wedding etiquette, ideas for toasts, offbeat wedding gift ideas, and more…

Gay wedding etiquette rules every guest should follow

Pronouns & assumptions: Gay wedding etiquette rules every guest should follow

Maybe you’re a seasoned pro at attending same-sex weddings or maybe they’re a new concept for you, and you don’t want to be responsible for any awkwardness on someone’s wedding day. It’s easy to fall prey to a faux pas when it comes to saying the right things. Understand that the basics, love and respect, remain the same for both straight and LGBTQ weddings.

Here are six gay wedding etiquette rules that will make you the couple’s favorite…

Wedding gift ideas for people who didn’t f***ing register!

“Since this is the second marriage for each of them, they are not registering, and to top it off, it’s a destination wedding! I want to get her something to celebrate the occasion, but nothing over the top if that makes sense.”

Hey! I’m a person getting married for the second time, who didn’t have a registry (until we were forced to cave due to various requests). Perhaps I can be of assistance. Here are my suggestions for “what to get the people who don’t want to tell you to get them, but you pretty much feel like you need and want to get them something anyway”…

Offbeat guest goes black tie: How do I blend into a black tie wedding?

Offbeat guest goes black tie: How do I blend into a black tie wedding?

There’s tons of advice out there about what to wear to a black tie wedding, but I was wondering if Offbeat Bride had its own take on the subject? I recently received an invitation to a black tie Nuptial Mass, and I am simultaneously excited and intimidated. I want to be respectful, but I’d love […]

I’m single! Who should I bring as my plus one?

Any opinion on who to bring to a wedding if you are completely single but have been granted a “plus one?” One wedding I am in the wedding party and the other I am just a guest, but both weddings I will only know a handful of people. Any advice on who should I bring as my plus one?

The best wedding gift idea for honeymooners: foreign currency

We live in the US and went to Toronto for our honeymoon. One of the most memorable gifts we got was from one of hubby’s coworkers – Canadian cash. We had registered for both traditional and cash-for-honeymoon gifts, but I loved this. In fact, foreign currency has become our new go-to wedding present for couples we know are leaving the country for their honeymoon.

Top 5 joys of attending a wedding after yours is over

“The weddings you attend after your wedding are SO much fun.” It sounded nice at the time, but I had no idea what she was talking about. How could anyone else’s wedding live up to the feeling of your own personal celebration? I was wrong. Attending a wedding after your own is the best, and here’s why…