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We have lots of great advice for you on wedding accommodations, including insider tips and secrets from folks who work in the hospitality industry. Be sure to also check our posts about wedding venues, since there’s some overlap.

Tips and tools for planning your self-catered wedding weekend

Our self-catered wedding weekend had a lot of moving parts. We had four self-catered meals: Welcome dinner, reception dinner, the next day brunch, and an evening picnic. Here are few things we found really helpful to organize the massive planning effort for our self-catered wedding weekend…

Not just grandpa: A field guide to hard of hearing wedding guests

Embrace the full spectrum of hearing loss in guests… whether it’s the eight-year-old with a Cochlear Implant, or the octogenarian grandparent who refuses to wear his/her hearing aid. Here’s how you can accommodate all your hard of hearing guests…

Hotel insider info: How to book a block of hotel rooms for your wedding guests

I have worked in hospitality — at hotel front desks, bars, and even housekeeping — for years. Over those years I’ve picked up a few tips to make the wedding-and-hotel experience go a little smoother. Here are my tips on booking a block of hotel rooms for your wedding guests.

Get the best hotel service ever: give the front desk workers your extra gift bags!

So, you spent forever making the most awesome welcome bags for your guests who are coming from out of town. Maybe they’re popcorn-themed, maybe their regional-themed, maybe they’re just a brown sack full of snacks — whatever. You worked on them, and they’re fantastic.

Then, come the weekend of your wedding, a couple of your guests are no-shows. What to do with these extra bags filled with delicious snacks and special treats? Well, one hotel front desk clerk named Cassie would like to submit a suggestion

Looking for a truly trans-friendly honeymoon spot

I have a question for you and your readers. I am looking for a trans-friendly, really truly friendly, honeymoon spot. We worry about plumbing, about being questioned, about being unsafe, about violence nearly constantly. We realized that dreaming of our honeymoon didn’t feel so much like dreaming any more, rather more like risk avoidance. I am betting that you or your readers have great ideas for gender-affirming places that are fun and delightful.

Why you should ALWAYS ask about other booked events at your wedding venue

Did you hear the one about the Offbeat Bride who found out about the Fetish Con being hosted at her wedding venue? Yeah… Add that to the list of “shit I would NEVER have thought about when planning a wedding.” So here’s a little tip from reader/former hotel business lady Rebecca…